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Your Project, Your Scope

Multi-Step Projects

Need outside help on a large project? Set project milestones with a single freelancer over the long term, or assemble a team of experts to work towards a complex goal with a global freelancing platform.

Long-Term Work

Make an experienced freelancer a permanent part of your team, without any overhead costs. Are you ready to create a long-term contract or pay an hourly rate for what you need with one of the top freelance platforms? Worqleus one of the most creative freelance agencies will pave a way for you.

Short Tasks

Hire an expert freelancer to complete a one-off project or small task. 

Flexible Payment Options, Secured by WorQleus Safe
Pay per Milestone

You and your freelancer agree upon project milestones and set a price for each one. You’ll pay as each milestone is completed and have a chance to give feedback as the project progresses on a freelance marketplace. 

Fixed Price

Set a price for your entire project, and pay upon completion.

Pay per Hour

Pay an hourly rate for the time it takes your freelancer to complete your project on the online marketplace for freelance services.

The Right Tools to Manage Your Business
  • A central dashboard to manage all of your projects and view your profile.
  • A call center to schedule calls and view upcoming appointments.
  • A chat screen to talk directly to freelancers.
  • A payment gateway to make secure payments and manage your invoices.
How It Works
Define Your Project Collaboratively

Communicate with freelancers using WorQleus’s built-in messaging system, or exchange contact info – it’s up to you. Decide on your project scope and payment structure, then get your project started with freelance marketplace platform.

Track Your Project

From your dashboard, keep track of your projects. You’ll be able to communicate with your freelancers and track progress, such as milestones and hours worked, on a marketplace for freelance services.

Pay Securely

Once you’re satisfied with the completion of your project, you’ll be able to pay securely using our payment gateway. From the gateway of our freelance marketing website, you can view and download invoices to keep for your business records.

Find the Right Professionals and Agencies for Your Project

Keep your business moving with expert work for any job with a freelance agency

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