About Us

Worqleus is a USA startup based in Los Angeles CA.

Stacy Hammond, CEO of Worqleus, created the platform to create a more productive freelance work environment. Worqleus was born out of the frustration with freelance sites not making it easier and simpler for freelancers to earn a living, in conjunction with the notion that these sites should enable freelancers to work less and with less hassles. Hence, Worqleus, designed a platform that will do just that - enable freelancers to work less, or better known as "Work smarter, not harder". With the rapid growth in professionals working as remote freelancers and the increasing presence of online freelance websites, freelancers are still having difficulties to stand out from the masses, gain clients, and retain a high percentage (if not all) of their earnings - unlike current competitor freelance sites.

Worqleus’ Mission:

To provide freelance professionals with a one stop platform that will enable them to be more efficient, make it easier to engage with prospective and existing clients by having an all in one epi center for their business that combines all aspects of their business needs.

Worqleus’ Vision:

To create a central cloud based workplace where freelance workers can access their business from anywhere in the world and where all their sales, marketing, Advertising, PR, CRM, ERM, Communications (email, voip, text messaging, etc), Finance, website, content, social media, and many other components to building and maintaining a business are all in one place - while also being connected directly with "prospective and existing clients.

Worqleus’ Values:

  1. One Stop Business Hub
  2. Multiple Functioning Saas Business Platform
  3. Rapid Scaling & Business Development
  4. Rapid Scaling & Business Development