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Trust & Saftey

The Information You Need to Choose Thoughtfully

Hire with confidence. Before choosing a freelancer, you’ll be able to review ratings and reviews from previous customers. You’ll also be able to view each freelancer’s qualifications, including education, skills, and verified certifications. For extra confidence, choose from our hand-selected list of top-rated freelancers and agencies.

Eloise Ross Toronto, Canada online Top Rated

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4.0 (299) $54/hr
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Choosing Your Freelancer

When hiring a freelancer, you’ll be able to confidently select someone with the skills and experience to get the job done. One every freelancer profile, you’ll be able to view:

  1. Ratings and reviews from previous clients
  2. Verified links to the freelancer’s social and professional accounts
  3. A list of skills and qualifications
  4. A portfolio of the freelancer’s past work

Privacy Matters

Whether you’re a freelancer, agency, or client, your privacy matters. Share only the information you choose on your public profile. On Worqleus, your data is kept secure at all times, and we’ll never share your personal information with third parties.

Safe Payments

To protect freelancers and clients, we provide an easy-to-use escrow system. Clients deposit their payment at the start of a project, and the funds are released to the freelancer once the work has been finished and approved.

Communicate Safely

You are free to communicate in whatever way works best for you, but we provide a secure messaging system for the safe exchange of files and information.

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