Worqleus Team 2 Jan 2020

87% of US employees believe that a freelancing platform has a strong future ahead!

Ah, look around and you would find, that being a freelancer brings a fresh whiff of excitement and freedom to you. The tumultuous lifestyle dealt by most of us has led us to find out the better earning resources, and out of all, something which makes a pace with the demand is the Freelancing platform.

Yes, the very existence of freelancing mode has opened a floodgate of opportunities for GEN X to get their work done and has triggered the concept of 'self-employed' or 'small business owner' to grow popular immensely.

However, the selection of Freelancing as a career is not that easy for the first-timers, since there are enough speculations & doubts that have clouded it.

Henceforth, if you are looking for a meaningful career with freelancing, then you must consider reading this post further....

Myth# 1

There are limited opportunities

Many out there feel that freelancing jobs are available for specific job roles only, and not many fields are willing to grab a bigger piece out of this cookie.

Well, this very myth is insanely foolish, as there are multiple industries and businesses in the market, who are willing to go for freelancing mode, to get their job done. That clearly suggests that there is a wide variety of jobs offered.

Myth #2

Freelancers earn a meager amount

Well, it is nothing but a solid myth and must be busted without any delay.

So lovely readers, listen once and for all, freelancers get more personal and financial freedom than any traditional job. With an efficient freelancing platform like Worqleus, you don’t even need to pay unnecessary charges as a commission, but with a specific amount as a monthly fee, it gives you full freedom to earn your own money without being troubled.

Myth #3

Stress comes along with Freelancing platform

Stress is a part of a traditional job, but not with the freelancing. Rather freelancing brings stability and consistency to your life. You don’t have to take time out for travel or take holidays for any function or festival, you can simply plan your work in a way, so your clients’ work doesn’t get hampered and at the same time, you can move and complete other chores without being hassled.

Myth #4

Freelancing isn’t the actual business

My apologies but this myth is extremely inaccurate. Freelancing indeed is a business and brings you the recognition as an entrepreneur. You work under you and increase and decrease the workload, depending on your requirements.

Myth #5

When you don’t get a job, you become a freelancer

It is true that a significant portion of freelance work is done from home, at a coffee shop, or a co-working space, but that does not mean that it is for the non-employed people. Rather you would be surmised to know that many successful employees quit their jobs to be a freelancer. And this has helped them to gain the momentum of their workspace, timing and earning potential.


After reading this post, it is an obvious fact to know that freelancing comes along with a multitude of advantages and the said myths must be avoided and turn deaf ears to. However, in this run, one specific aspect, which makes a huge relevance, is the efficient freelancing platform.

A freelancing platform can build or crack your career opportunity, due to excessive commission and other formalities, curbing the right of freedom for your work. But you must know that there is one platform, which is going to smite every sort of obstacle provided by the current platforms.

That is none other than Worqlues.

Worqleus is a revolutionary online Saas platform that enables solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers to reach their earning potential, which they deserve.

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