Worqleus Team 28 Feb 2020

Are you planning to hire a freelancer, but little worried about their working behavior, or you aren't sure how well they would gel-up with your working expectations???

When you decide to proceed with the freelancers, there are many aspects that need to be addressed, since some of them are erupted out of misconceptions only.

Hence, with today’s post, we want to help you catch a look at some of the basic aspects, that help you to understand the ways to collaborate better with the hired freelancers.


Provide enough information

You understand your business and its needs, but your hired freelancer does not.

It is a very common thing, that rules over the Freelancing business, where you fear losing your business to someone else, as you can’t score that faith onto your hired resources.

Keeping the project details confidential, and keep the secret box, will only tense the situation, and the chances are that you may end up hiring somebody who is least professional and inexperienced...

You must know that, some of the basic qualities of experienced freelancers, suggest that they never pick or approve of anything, before getting detailed information about the project. So keep yourself from such a vicious trap and help your project to be handled by experienced professionals only.


Provide On-time feedback

To err is human! 

When you hire a freelancer, then you are always assured of the quality work and the skills you are likely to get, however, at times there can be chances, when you just want to make few alterations in the submitted work.

But this very set of feedback should be shared promptly. It must not be the case, that after months of reciting the work you tend to get some improvements to be made.

Failing to provide the feedback on-time, you lose your chances of working with the professional freelancers next time. Further, it also delays your work.


Provide work freedom

The basic concept that runs behind the freelancing is all about comfort and convenience of a working model. Every freelancer expects the work freedom to craft out the best of their skills. You must not intervene every time in their workspace, and must not try to micromanage them.


To conclude I would like to add one of the most significant points that suggest that never ever fiddle with the payment cycle, or try to negotiate once the work it delivers.

This might work for you once or twice, but for a longer run, it would never work

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