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Worqleus- Your Trusted Freelancing Platform!

Worqleus Team 22 May 2020

The gig-economy has revolutionized the spectrum of freelancing at a larger extent. There are many ways through which businesses receive freelance professionals’ services. However, there is a need for a one-stop platform that serves the purpose and offers security as well. This is where Worqleus comes into the picture and provides a platform to the businesses enabling them to be more efficient, making it easier to engage with prospective and existing professionals.  

Worqleus is your one-stop-shop for both businesses and freelancers to meet their demands of hiring and meeting their needs.

A quick overview of Worqleus

Worqleus, is a ( non-commission) online Saas platform that enables solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers to reach the earning potential they so deserve. It bridges the gap between professionals and clients to work together in a simple yet easy way.

The very functionality of Worqleus depends on reducing the amount of work, simplifying work activities, and cutting down business costs - thus allowing freelancers to focus on satisfying their clients, building their business, and earning more money.

A word about Worqleus founder

Worqleus is a Canadian startup based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is a brainchild of Ahmad Alshibli, who has a simple aim to create a more productive freelance work environment. This portal came into existence, due to the turbulence created by the freelancing portals, which make it a tough task for freelancers to earn a living, in conjunction with the notion that these sites should in reality enable freelancers to work less and with fewer hassles. 

Therefore, Ahmad Alshibli decided to design a platform that will enable freelancers to work less, or better known as "Work smarter, not harder". 

As stated by Ahmad Alshibli- founder of Worqleus,” With the rapid growth in professionals working as remote freelancers and the increasing presence of online freelance websites, freelancers are still having difficulties to stand out from the masses, gain clients, and retain a high percentage (if not all) of their earnings - unlike current competitor freelance sites.”

Worqleus will cover the world

Worqleus is targeting to offer freelancing services to business service providers across the globe, and priority locations are Canada, USA, and India. With this platform, Worqleus will cater to the common needs, behaviors, and demographics challenges faced by gig-platform.

Main USPs of Worqleus

  • Freelancers get ample opportunities to earn more;

  • There is no commission involved within the portal;

  • Brings opportunities to earn for every single job done;

  • Offers a nominal monthly fixed price $26.99 for earning massive revenue;

  • Provides the freedom to include any social/professional accounts of clients through their Worqleus account.

Significant features of Worqleus 

No Commissions

At Worqleus, we understand that commissions lead to a number of unnecessary evils when it comes to long-term business outcomes. Hence we don’t keep any percentage of freelancers’income as a commission, rather a simple monthly flat fee is taken, without affecting your earning.

Communicate Seamlessly

We help both businesses and freelancers to maximize efficiency, with the chosen way of communication with Worqlues through the mail, social media, phone calls, so freelancers stay laser-focused in simplifying their speech, especially when speaking across channels. 

Easy Linking

Both businesses and professionals can link their official Worqleus accounts with the other social media accounts and help in building a strong brand presence on social media seamlessly. We help them in connecting with customers, increasing brand loyalty, and selling vision to larger customers.

Free Community Forum

Worqleus community forum “Ask the Experts” allows freelancers to participate and contribute product-related knowledge, support others, and benefit from this exchange. This service contains no bots, no bouncing but just real help from experts at the cost of nothing.

Flexible Pricing Model

At Worqleus, we believe in delivering complete value for money to freelancers, henceforth they can be their own boss and decide the pricing and the options available on Worqleus, and choose what works best for them.

For Worqlues every freelancer is an entrepreneur, hence we help them grow exponentially using our portal.